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  (#1) Gammal
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Reg.datum: Jan 2006
Standard Make 'forum' more obvious for new visitors? - 2006-01-22, 15:54

Hi. I'm following this site, but missing some more updates on the front page.

Especially for people that aren't that used to the web, your site might seem completely dead.

Maybe make it obvious for everyone that they can go to the forum to read more, or make sure that you post a lot of news and updates on the front page (with links to a forum topic to discuss just that piece of news to make people click.)

Just think you'd benefit from generating more incentive to check out your page once in a while. Unless your visitors click 'forum', it looks like absolutely ever happens on piratpartiet.se.

For example, have one guy read slashdot.com every day and make a summary of the most important Privacy topics. Then toss in a link to the forum where people diiscuss that issue in Swedish.

Quick example: RIAA / MPAA seems to be aiming at a new law that will make any new technology that handles music illegal by default, replacing the current "Fair Use" concept:



Generate more talk. Make this site an interesting place to go for anyone that wants to find out what is happening. The music industry is doing some pretty heavy lobbying (To a point where I am seriously worried about corrupt governmet). There is lots of stuff to talk about, and I think it can be a good read. Get some news up on the front page and generate interesting discussions around it. I'm sure it will help you keep more and more people visiting this site, which will help you grow more members over time.

Good luck! (And yeah, I know you're busy with a gazillion other things)
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  (#2) Gammal
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Standard RE: Make 'forum' more obvious for new visitors? - 2006-01-23, 07:39

I definitely agree on this. Expanding the English page to feature news in English and updating it often would be a great idea. Also an the thaught hits me that a forum for alternative languages is already needed. As currently, people who can't read Swedish have no idea where to post. We should'nt lock this large group out.
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